Schoenorchis Fragrans, 'The Fragrant Schoenorchi' Care Guide

Schoenorchis Fragrans
'The Fragrant Schoenorchi''

Light Preferences

Schoenorchis fragrans thrives in bright, indirect light. Seedlings can start in lower light conditions but should gradually be acclimated to brighter light for optimal growth.

Water Preferences

Spray the plant 2-3 times daily with non-calcareous water, preferably warm (35-40°C) to mimic tropical rain. During summer, immerse the plant in water for 10-15 minutes every 2 days, but avoid this while the plant is in bloom to prevent damage to the flowers.

Temperature Range

This orchid thrives in warm to intermediate conditions. Ideal temperatures are 24-26°C during the day and 19-20°C at night.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Fertilize every 3-4 weeks using a balanced orchid fertilizer. Wet the plant first, then immerse it in a container with diluted fertilizer (1/3 of the recommended dose) for 10-15 minutes.

Flowering Season

Schoenorchis fragrans blooms in summer on an axillary, 1.25 cm long, arcuate to pendant, racemose inflorescence with several to more than 20 flowers. The brilliant pink flowers are 1 cm in diameter, durable, and very fragrant.