About Us

Bloomify was founded by Dr. Hsichuan Chen. Hsichuan received his PhD. in Plant biology from NC State, and worked 3 years as a head scientist at a green energy biotech startup.

As a lifelong plant enthusiast and student, Hsichuan grew up with a green thumb. Using his background in plant biology and in industry, Hsichuan set out to develop a maintenance-free orchid, flowers that are notoriously difficult to keep alive.

Since then the maintenance-free plant lineup has expanded to other varieties such as the Venus Fly Trap, Sundews, Coleus, and Celosia flower. What's the secret? Replacing soil with a nutritive gel. The gel is a solid substance that is bacteria / mold free and contains all of the necessary nutrients that a plant needs, including sugar that the plant would naturally produce via photosynthesis.

​In 2016, Bloomify was a winner of the NC IDEA grant fall cycle. Bloomify was also featured on Buzzfeed's "24 Awesome Products from Amazon To Put On Your Wish List".