Celosia / Coleus Terrarium Care & Transplant Guide

Celosia / Coleus Terrarium Care Guide

Do NOT remove the cork lid, or the gel will have mold growth. Set it on a table and avoid direct sunlight or strong light with heat. Sunlight or direct light with heat will cause the temperatures inside the terrarium to soar and kill your plant!

You can supplement the plant with LED grow lights or weak filtered sunlight for greener leaves. The environment should have good ambient light and average comfortable humidity.

Finally, please enjoy your plant for months, watching the long lived blooms without worrying about maintenance, bugs, or spills! That’s it!

Celosia / Coleus Transplant Guide

The Celosia and Coleus are a very hardy plant and prolific grower, so you should have easy success moving it out of the terrarium into a regular pot. To do so, use blunt tweezers and pull the plant out of the gel by the BASE. This step is important, if you pull the plant from its leaves, you might have a chance hurt your plant.

After that, wash off the gel from the plant, otherwise molds could grow and kill the plant.

You can then pot the plant into soil using Miracle Gro garden soil for flowers. For the few days, you should cover and gently mist the plant to acclimate it from high humidity levels in the terrarium to environmental humidity. Gradually remove the covering while keeping an eye on the plant. If you notice wilting or leaves drying out you need to cover the plant more to maintain adequate humidity levels. Once out of the terrarium, your Celosia / Coleus plant will grow at a very rapid pace!