Phalaenopsis philippinensis Care Guide

Phalaenopsis Philippinensis 

Light Preferences

Phalaenopsis philippinensis thrives in bright filtered light, ideally receiving about 10000-12000 lux. Suitable placement includes eastern, south-eastern, or western windows. A combination of placements is optimal, with placement in east-facing windows from March to October, and in south or west-facing windows from October to March.

Water Preferences

The frequency and volume of watering depend on temperature and light intensity. Typically, water the plant about once a week, ensuring that it remains constantly moist under normal conditions.

Temperature Range

During summer, maintain temperatures around 31-33°C during the day and 21-23°C at night, with a daily difference of 9-10°C. In winter, aim for daytime temperatures of 28-31°C and nighttime temperatures of 19-21°C.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Apply 1/4-1/2 doses of orchid fertilizer every week or every 2 weeks during the growing season.

Flowering Season

Phalaenopsis philippinensis blooms during its active growth periods, typically from spring to summer.