Phalaenopsis Lobbii Care Guide

Phalaenopsis Lobbi

Light Preferences

Phalaenopsis lobbii requires a light level of 12000-18000 lux, with an ideal photoperiod of 12 hours. It tolerates stronger light than most Phalaenopsis species but should be protected from direct sunlight, especially during hot summer afternoons, to prevent sunburn.

Water Preferences

Water Phalaenopsis lobbii every 2-3 days with distilled water and rainwater only, avoiding hard tap water. Ensure the moss remains moist but not completely dry at all times, maintaining at least 60% humidity.

Temperature Range

Maintain temperatures above 65°F (18°C) as Phalaenopsis lobbii is a warm grower and not frost hardy. Daytime temperatures should range from 30-31°C, while nighttime temperatures should be between 21-23°C, with a daily amplitude of 7-9°C.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Feed Phalaenopsis lobbii with ½ strength orchid fertilizer once per week during the growing season. Ensure the plant is watered before fertilizing to prevent damage to dry roots.

Flowering Season

Phalaenopsis lobbii can bloom at any time under proper care. Expect creamy white flowers with a bright orange lip, emitting a very light fragrance.