Ornithocephalus Gladiatus 'Sword-Shaped Lip Ornithocephalus' Care

Ornithocephalus Gladiatus
'Sword-Shaped Lip Ornithocephalus'

Light Preferences

Place in bright, indirect light near an east- or north-facing window. Protect from direct sunlight, especially in winter, to prevent leaf burn.

Water Preferences

Water moderately, allowing the substrate to slightly dry out between waterings. Adjust watering frequency based on humidity levels. Prefers high humidity levels typical of tropical environments. Maintain humidity around 50-80%.

Temperature Range

Maintain temperatures within a warm to intermediate range. Nighttime temperatures should not drop below 55°F (13°C), and daytime temperatures should stay below 85°F (29°C).

Fertilizer Recommendations

Fertilize sparingly with a very low dosage, alternating every other watering, and ensure thorough flushing with water in between applications.

Flowering Season

Ornithocephalus gladiatus blooms in winter and spring, displaying white and green flowers with intricate markings. Flowers appear on slender, upright spikes.