Gastrochilus Japonicus 'Yellow Pine Orchid' Care Guide

Gastrochilus Japonicus
'Yellow Pine Orchid'

Light Preferences

Gastrochilus japonicus thrives in filtered or dispersed light, benefiting from avoidance of direct afternoon sunlight. Consistent strong air movement is essential for its optimal growth.

Water Preferences

Maintain moderate to heavy watering throughout the year, allowing roots to dry quickly after each watering. Avoid both dry and waterlogged conditions. Keep humidity levels around 90% from late spring to early autumn, reducing to 80-85% for the remainder of the year.

Temperature Range

During summer, aim for daytime temperatures of 25-26°C and nighttime temperatures of 17-18°C, with a daily fluctuation of 7-9°C. In winter, maintain daytime temperatures around 19-20°C and nighttime temperatures of 9-10°C, with a daily fluctuation of 10°C.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Fertilize weekly during active growth with 1/4-1/2 strength orchid fertilizer. Use nitrogen-enriched fertilizer from spring to mid-summer, switching to phosphorus-enriched fertilizer in late summer and autumn.

Flowering Season

Gastrochilus japonicus blooms in fall on axillary, hanging inflorescences with 2 to 7 flowers, each up to 2 cm in diameter. Petals are light yellow or yellowish-green with pinkish-purple spots inside. The lip is white with yellow streaks and a yellow base with red dots, while the column is greenish with a yellow middle and red dots.