Dendrobium affine moniliforme, 'Necklace-Shaped Dendrobium' Care Guide

Dendrobium affine moniliforme
'Necklace-Shaped Dendrobium'

Light Preferences

Dendrobium moniliforme thrives in shaded but not dark conditions. It can be grown on east, south, or west-facing windowsills and outdoors in summer with filtered sunlight.

Water Preferences

Water the plant generously throughout the summer until it has fully grown. As autumn approaches, gradually reduce the amount of water, but ensure the plant never dries out. Even in midwinter, water the plant by thoroughly soaking the soil once every two weeks, preferably on a bright, clear morning.

Temperature Range

During summer, the average daytime temperature ranges from 24 to 25°C, while nighttime temperatures drop to around 20°C, resulting in a daily variation of 4 to 5°C. In winter, the average daytime temperature is between 11 and 14°C, with nighttime temperatures falling to 7 to 10°C, maintaining a similar daily difference of 4 to 5°C.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Use a 1/4-1/2 dose of orchid fertilizer weekly. Apply a balanced fertilizer year-round or high-nitrogen fertilizer from spring to mid-summer, then switch to high-phosphorus fertilizer from late summer to autumn to encourage flowering.

Flowering Season

Dendrobium moniliforme blooms from winter until the end of summer. It produces fragrant, white flowers with a greenish and purple-spotted labellum from the nodes of older, leafless canes.