Cattleya Chief Gem 'Red Jewel' Care Guide

Cattleya Chief Gem 'Red Jewel'
'Red Jewel'

Light Preferences

Cattleya Chief Gem thrives under filtered or dispersed bright light, and direct sunlight should be avoided. 

Water Preferences

Provide moderate to heavy rainfall throughout the year, with a slightly drier period in winter. Keep the substrate consistently moist; avoid letting it dry out completely. Maintain high humidity levels of 80-85% throughout the year for optimal growth of Scarlet Sophronitis.

Temperature Range

During summer, maintain average day temperatures around 29°C and night temperatures between 14-18°C. In winter, daytime temperatures should be 20-22°C and nighttime temperatures around 9-10°C.

Fertilizer Recommendations

For plants in sphagnum moss, tree fern fibers, or osmunda fern roots, fertilize every 2-3 weeks with 1/4-1/2 strength orchid fertilizer. For those in fir bark substrate, fertilize every 1-2 weeks. Use nitrogen-enriched fertilizer in early spring and higher phosphorus fertilizers in late summer and autumn.

Flowering Season

Cattleya Chief Gem 'Red Jewel' are like Sophronitis Coccinea, but are easier to grow and flower. It blooms in spring and sometimes again in fall. Cattleya Chief Gem 'Red Jewel' produces bright red flowers when blooming.