Aerangis Citrata Care Guide

Aerangis Citrata
'The Lemon-scented Aerangis'

Light Preferences

Aerangis citrata thrives in medium indirect light.

Water Preferences

Water as the roots just begin to dry out, similar to caring for a Phalaenopsis orchid. Use distilled water or rainwater only, avoiding hard tap water. Ensure the moss remains moist but not completely dry at all times. Maintain humidity levels of at least 60%.

Temperature Range

Aerangis citrata can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, from hot to cool. It prefers shady conditions and is not frost hardy. Keep temperatures above 65°F.

Fertilizer Recommendations

Use orchid fertilizer at half strength once per week.

Flowering Season

Aerangis citrata produces long strands of pure white flowers, often with more than 20 flowers per spike. Flower spikes can emerge in spring, summer, or fall, and the plant may bloom twice or even three times per year. Leaves are typically about 3 inches long, and side growths may develop, allowing for occasional division. Newer strains have been selected for larger flower size, good shape, and higher flower count. Overall, Aerangis citrata can be grown with care similar to that of a Phalaenopsis orchid.